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What is mini-vending?

The mini-vending machines are a subfamily of vending machines, which consists of the installation of small machines at low cost.  It has multiple advantages with regard to the vending traditional such as:

    -Investment is low due to the affordable cost of the machines. -The payment period is very short, in most cases only a few months. -If a quantity of medium machines are required, in the event that a machine is out of order does not mean a considerable decrease in business. -The machines are a very simple design, so electronic/mechanical etc… knowledge is not essential -Machines are small and manageable, special transport is not required for delivery or restocking.-Installation is simple, with a few tools it taken only minutes.

Why a Mechanical Machine?

It would be a mistake to complicate this simple sales procedure with complicated machinery.  For example, electronic machines are five times the price of a mechanical machine, the sales volume is similar, the know-how and maintenance required (including batteries, damage repair/prevention of plates, coin box, microchips, etc….)  for an electronic version are far greater and are a lot more costly. The payment period for an electronic machine is on average four years, selling fifteen boxes per month, compared to six months for a mechanical machine. As you can see, all the above are advantages.


The most suitable location to install the machines range from hotels, gymnasiums, video clubs, etc… to any public place with high sale potential as well as various locations within any one establishment, such as in the bar area and in the rest-room.  Certain machines may be more suited to certain areas than others, for instance the rest-room is suitable for selling Condoms, G-strings or Vibrant Rings, however you may choose to install a chewing gum vending machine elsewhere.

Investment and Profit Value

You decide the size of the investment.  The minimum is one machine, and the maximum has no limit.  This is truly a flexible business!  This machine will produce profit quickly, we calculate that between 2 and 9 months suffice to cover cost and make a clean profit.  There is no other business on the market that can offer these benefits. Do not hesitate in contacting us and for an explanation of the diverse and innovative ways to work with us, there are still free market zones, do it and you can earn money from the first day!